Udita Mukhuty Jahagirdar M.D.,F.A.C.O.G

Halcyon days of yore those were, young diamonds in the rough,
We all made it to Seth GS, hey, we were surely good enough!
Classes in anatomy, demos in embryology, charting that muscle twitch,
Bonds forged over a cadaver, Krebs cycle to decipher, notes without a glitch.
Then off to the “canteen” for chai, or Sayadhri for “wada paos”
Fifty winks in the library, loitering in corridors, forays to the animal house.
Monday card tests, part exams galore, where was the time to rest?
Struggled through those books and pracs, we tried our very best.
Days in the wards, in white coat and stetho clad, doing the venipuncture,
Oh what joy, delivering that baby boy .. that first operation was such a rapture.
Years passed by, now degrees in hand, we were suddenly real doctors;
Careers to choose, futures to decide, foreign lands beckoned, – oh so many factors!
Emotions roiling, passions boiling, we faced the morrow with apprehension;
Bracing twists and turns of life, in sickness and health, all for our patient satisfaction.
Now fifty years later, and a lot greyer, we are back here where we started,
Seeing old faces so dear, stories to hear, shedding a tear for those departed.
Now with goals achieved, let’s down the drink of cheer, and take that elusive nap
Where should we go from here, how do we decide? Why we can surely consult WhatsApp!
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