Dr Jahagirdar and her staff are extremely professional and truely care about their patients. Every time I call the office they are always kind and helpful. I am really grateful for your sensitive, kind, flexible and caring approach to guide me through what seemed like a complex path. I hope you know what an outstanding job you all do.

Thank you! Heather E.

I had a robotic hysterectomy due to severe pain in my right pelvic area. My surgery was on a Thursday with Dr. Udita Jahagirdar, and by Saturday I was sitting on my couch, drinking coffee, watching television and visiting with family members. I took pain medication Friday and Saturday night… No more for the rest of my recovery!!! The pain I had prior to the surgery was gone. As I am a nurse, I returned to work two weeks later in the operating room, without any restrictions.

I still can’t believe it. I have had no problems and no pain. Dr. Jahagirdar is an excellent surgeon, and i can only say thank you again and again. I also told her that is she has any other patients considering robotic surgery, I would be happy to talk to them and tell them what a great experience it was for me.


So often we patients only write when we want to complain about something. This letter is to praise you and thank you. Stephanie , you listened to my plight and you did exactly what you promised and I want you to know that it was greatly appreciated. In today’s world your promptness, efficiency, kindness and compassion make you a valued asset to Dr Jahagirdars office.

Thank you so much! Cheryl B

After many years of trying to decide the best alternative to a hysterectomy, we decided that there wasn’t one. We planned the procedure and before I knew it, it was that day. I did not know much about robotic surgery, or how it worked, but I was told by Dr. Jahagirdar that it was going to be okay and that she had done several of them. That gave me peace of mind to start with. I was amazed when I came out of surgery. I was ready to go home, once waking completely up. There was no intense pain and there were no stitches or staples to burst open or get infected. The only thing that even gave me any identification that I had even had a procedure done was 4 small marks on my stomach, which do fade away, and a little tenderness in the vaginal/low abdominal area, which goes away within a few days. As stated I was to rest for a few days. This was difficult because I felt great!!! by the 4th day after, my normal daily routines had continued with no complications.

I strongly suggest if anyone out there is needing to have a procedure, you look into robotic surgery with Dr. Udita Jahagirdar.


I appreciate all that you have done for me. You saved my life and that is hard to express. You are the kindest, most gentle and caring doctor that I have ever known. Everyone that knows you, says that about you. You also saved me & my family from financial ruin with your advice about getting aid. I will always remember your kindness and skill.

Thankfully, Kit W

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks again for being such an outstanding doctor and for all the excellent treatment you have given me. I have been a patient for the last 20 years and Dr Jahagirdar is so comforting. It’s wonderful to be treated by a Doctor who cares enough to actually get to know their patients, understand their concerns and give real personal attention. Dr J takes her time to listen to you and then offers state of the art medical advise-you don’t feel rushed to get through here-just a sense of trust, communication, respect and exceptional care from a Doctor who is intuitive and extremely knowledgable in the medical issues women face. The kind of superior service the office staff delivers, coupled with the knowledge, experience and professionalism Dr Jahagirdar delivers, is unique in today’s difficult world of healthcare. I am so grateful to have Dr J on my side and I am completely satisfied knowing I can trust the medical decisions Dr j and I make together. Thank you Dr J!

Leah M

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